Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science

ADSI is an NSF Tripods Institute at the University of Washington funded by the NSF grant CCF 1740551. It also sits under the umbrella of the broader eScience Institute which serves as a portal to data science initiatives at UW. ADSI focuses on developing theoretical and algorithmic tools bridging mathematics, computer science, and statistics for addressing contemporary data science challenges. ADSI contributes to the broader effort of the eScience Institute, which focuses on connecting data science methodology with domain scientists.

Mission Statement:

Algorithmic tools underpin the ways in which modern data science methods glean insights from data, manipulate their environments, and estimate underlying statistical properties in the world. With increasing computational resources and an unprecedented growth of large datasets, there is an increased need for scalable and robust algorithmic tools which can provide insights into data in an automated manner, and thus, help to accelerate the pace of science and engineering. The modern challenges that a range of fields now face are no longer easily handled by ideas from a single discipline.

The goal of UW Institute on Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science (ADSI) is to provide a common language and unifying methods for addressing contemporary data science challenges. At their core, each of the three disciplines of computer science, mathematics, and statistics has rich theories of complexity and robustness. These theories have influenced the design of the available tools that are used to address real world computational problems. Going forward, the project seeks new algorithms and design principles that unify ideas and provide a common language for addressing contemporary data science challenges.

Principal Investigators:

About the Institute:

ADSI was founded through a major grant from the NSF TRIPODS (Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science) program. TRIPODS implements the NSF’s vision of Harnessing the Data Revolution, one of its “10 Big Ideas” for future investment. Beyond its role as a platform for the research detailed in the UW team’s grant proposal, ADSI helps train graduate students and postdoctoral scholars and organize workshops and hackathons.

Partner Tripods institute: University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS)